Sonography - Ultrasound


A small transducer transmits ultrasound waves into the patient's body, with a computer converting the reflected impulses into images.


The Omega Diagnostic Centre makes use of a new generation Canon Aplio A-series ultrasound unit, that produces hires images.

Patients should have some key facts in advance of their ultrasound examination:

How long does an ultrasound examination take?

Between 10 - 20 minutes.


Before the scan, the specific body area must be exposed. A special kind of gel is applied to the skin corresponding to the parts being examined. The patient usually lies reclined on a medical bed as the doctor applies the probe to the affected area. The patient might be moved to the side as the tissues are scanned from another angle. These appear on the computer monitor and are stored as digital files to verify the presence of a pathology. At the end of the exam, the gel is wiped off the skin with a paper towel.


The patient changing room has its own washbasin and a WC.

Do ultrasound examinations produce any side effects?

Sonography produces no known side effects.